Chris E of The Cottage Bakeshop plans her next culinary conquest.

We here at ShoppingGirl.Com are always thrilled to discover amazing new businesses run by amazing women. And we’re even more enthused when that discovery involves great food! Today we’d like to share with you our discovery of The Cottage Bakeshop.         Christaine of The Cottage Bakeshop (@thecottagebakeshop) is at the apex of her […]

A simple, adaptable dress for under $4.00 that flatters everyone. Customize the look to your taste and needs easily with alterations or accessories. Many dresses like this are available at

Shopping Girls, I know that we all have mixed feelings about super-cheap apparel. It takes a skilled fashion eye to spot potential, a gift with accessorizing to pull it off, and a leap of faith to give it a go. Just remember: The key to wearing cheap apparel is to layer and accessorize with skill, […]

Great Charity - Just Click to send a free snack pack to our USA Military Service Men and Women, courtesy of Crown Royal Whisky and Packages From Home. Note that this charity seems to be ongoing, or at least repeated, throughout the year, so check back to send more snacks!

Crown Royal and Packages From Home have come together to offer a very cool promotion.   Go to the Crown Royal website page where the charity promotion is underway. You’ll need to verify that you are over 21 years of age, then you’ll be taken to the web page that allows you to select up […]

The OjO Electric Scooter in Black, designed for real world adult use that's still fun

Electric vehicles such as cars and bicycles have become popular in the past few years for obvious reasons. You’ve probably considered taking the plunge into e-transport yourself. But, with so many options–design, range, power, and special features–choosing the right e-vehicle for you can seem overwhelming.   If you are looking for an affordable, sturdy, ergonomically designed […]

Dare to be there in fierce Tiger themed apparel. Let your competitors know: A Tiger Is Here, Better Stay Clear....Tiger Bike Shirt available at

ShoppingGirls, are you past being defined as “kittenish”, “feline”, and “catty”? You protested in Pussy Hats, but you are channeling the Big Cats. How about turning your volume up to 11, and having audacious fun shocking your competition?       Tiger themed athletic apparel looks awesome and distinctive, and it will keep you visible; think […]

Soludos Frayed Edge Pompom Mules are surprisingly versatile, as they feature a number of common elements found in a variety of ethnic apparel traditions.

Why not? The Soludos Frayed Edge Pompom Mule has crossover appeal with festive similarities found in a variety of cultural celebratory apparel traditions. A ShoppingGirl will be comfortable and look cute wandering her community’s street parties from Hispanic Fiestas to Chinese New Year, and lots more! With Chinese Near Year 2018 coming up just after […]

The Beverly Bodysuit by Alix is available at

The Beverly Bodysuit by Alix ($195 on Amazon), is notable for its on-trend style combined with incredible adaptability to multiple looks. This is a piece that looks great as-is, and will layer in any number of ways. Every ShoppingGirl needs at least one basic bodysuit in her wardrobe as a permanent foundational fixture. She can […]

Ouai Haircare Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets are sold in a neat flip-top box filled with 15 individually packaged sheets. So easy to grab one and go...or stash a packet in your wallet, bike bag, desk, or pocket.

There are many excellent hair care products that deal with the frizzies. The problem is, these products contain oils and other emollient ingredients that easily leak from containers, and leave one’s hands coated in excess product. This can be a real hassle when on the go. But it’s when a ShoppingGirl is on the go […]

The Kärcher Window Vacuum with Pole Extension Attachment. Cleaning even high windows, walls, or ceilings is much safer when you don't need to use a ladder. It's faster, more efficient, and more effective than traditional methods.

One of the hottest new household gadgets for 2018 is the window vacuum. Sounds a little odd, and maybe unnecessary? That depends. For less time–make that, three times faster–less waste (no paper towels or laundering rags), less muss and fuss, you get superior results with more convenience. What is a window vacuum? A cordless, handheld […]