Entrepreneurship For A Puppy & Ballet Lessons.

Well this month happens to be the 20th year anniversary of ShoppingGirl.com.

So we would like to go back to one of our earlier blogs about the Cottage Bake Shop. As you all know, Chris is ShoppingGirl.com favorite Baker. What you didn’t know is that her young daughter and nice are entrepreneurs with the goal of achieving A puppy and ballet lessons.

They have opened a part-time lemonade stand with the flavors they brought over with him from the Bahamas when they came to America. These young entrepreneurs are showing the other young ladies with hard work and dedication what you can achieve. As I drink their marvelous Island style Iced Teas I stop and think, how will AI robots in the future affect things and businesses of these young entrepreneurs. Will this type of thing as Society even exist before long? Well if it even does will it be AI robots making and running the lemonade stands for young young entrepreneurs? I wonder truly what the future holds for young women in every aspect of business. But I’m sure just from watching Chris that they will adapt and succeed.

So please join me celebrating this 20th anniversary of ShoppingGirl.com and give a hand to these young entrepreneurs. And to all other young ladies out there working towards a goal, reach for the Stars, and thank you oh so much from ShoppingGirl.com

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