Cats May Rule the Web, but Tigers Rule the Jungle

ShoppingGirls, are you past being defined as “kittenish”, “feline”, and “catty”? You protested in Pussy Hats, but you are channeling the Big Cats.

How about turning your volume up to 11, and having audacious fun shocking your competition?


Farabi Muay Boxing Shorts in Tiger Theme
Paladin Tiger Pattern King’s Breathable Cycling Jersey



Tiger themed athletic apparel looks awesome and distinctive, and it will keep you visible; think you’ll go unnoticed in the Tiger bicycle shirt? Psychology plays a huge part in sports success, and your apparel can do a good job of distracting and intimidating your opponents in competitive sports.


Typically bold, unapologetic and, let’s be frank, gleefully embracing the garish, tiger-themed gear is iconic and ideal for sports wear, but you can also incorporate it into your wardrobe in other unique ways.


Züca Sports Frame Rolling Tote with Tiger Theme Bag

Tiger apparel often features the kind intense, bright colors that even a ShoppingGirl may be missing out on in her wardrobe. What a great way to add some flash and on-trend personality to your core closet pieces! You won’t need additional accessories–a plus for athletic wear–and sports fabrics are designed to be wrinkle-free and ready to play when pulled from your gym bag, backpack, or tote.


If you’re more into neutrals, but like the idea of the iconic zing, you can definitely find tiger prints and graphics in your favorite tones.


Mature ShoppingGirls may have loved animal prints their whole lives. Once reaching a certain age, sadly, they may now shy away from gorgeous, flattering leopard print apparel to avoid being mislabeled (or correctly labeled) a cougar. Consider changing it up and switch to tiger themed gear. It presents a whole new persona with symbology that is vibrant and dynamic. Wouldn’t you rather be called a tiger anyway?


Pressure Grappling Women’s Rash Guard with Sublimated Tiger Pixellation Graphic Theme

Tiger-themed sports apparel is often tailored to fit men. However, athletic wear designs usually work for unisex fit. With stretchy fabrics that cling to your curves, or sports pieces featuring roomy cuts, finding audacious gear that suits your figure and game shouldn’t be a hassle. As just one example, the oversized look is super-hot this year. A pair of outrageous men’s boxing shorts might be just what you need for a night of bowling or shooting pool at the neighborhood dive.


How about some more details on these sporty pieces?


The Pressure Grappling BJJ Women’s Rash Guard top features a

Pressure Grappling Premium BJJ Women’s Rash Guard Top in Tiger Theme, another view

fierce sublimated tiger pixellation graphic in a short-sleeve, super-stretchy, adaptable fit. It is constructed with WikPRO fabric, featuring 4-way stretch, in a combination of polyester and spandex. This fabric provides moisture control during your grappling or workout sessions. If your martial art or sport includes a lot of take-downs and mat work, you’ll appreciate the silicone lockdown hem band, which controls ride-up. For additional comfort, the shirt is stitched with 4/6 flat lock reinforced seams, and features an athletic, flexible fit that will adjust to your figure. UV protection is featured, of course, in a rash guard suitable for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports.


Farabi Sports Muay Boxing Shorts in Tiger Theme, another view

These wonderfully garish boxing shorts are offered by Farabi Sports, a respected brand of authentic boxing and martial arts apparel. Retro, super-heroish, classic and trendy all in one package, these are real fighting shorts, not just for show. Reminiscent of ’70s satin hot pants that mimed the look, these legit Thai boxing ring shorts feature a snarling embroidered Tiger patch design front and center. Great features include the super lightweight fabric with moisture-wicking “nano-pore” technology for ventilation; a wide, multi-stitched elastic waistband for secure fit even over protective gear (if you are so inclined); and side-slits for freedom of movement. This waistband style is also great if you are wearing gloves, as it’s still easy to adjust your shorts with the gloves on. Few garments are more selfie-worthy. In the midst of a thousand runners at the 10K event, your friends will still be able to easily spot you to capture celebratory finish-line photos.


Paladin King’s Bike Shirt in Tiger Theme, another view
Paladin Tiger Bike Shirt Shorts, not as feline, sorta dull by comparison

The Paladin King’s Breathable Cycle Jersey comes in this super visibility Tiger theme. The men’s cut is made with stretchy, breathable, poly/spandex fabric, which means you should be able to rock this without a problem and, at most, a touch of tailoring to your preference. Coordinating men’s bike shorts are available, but somehow they lack the graphic appeal of the shirt, so wear your own bike shorts in black or one of the Tiger colors. Or, try this with shredded jeans and an oversized, nerdy cardigan.


A cooler cat version, the Paladin Bike Shirt in the White Tiger Theme:

Paladin Bike Shirt in White Tiger Theme



Want a slick alternative to a predictable school backpack or rolling tote? Something that’s easy to haul up and down stairs? A festival or event tote with a built-in seat? How about a rolling tote with built-in shelf storage and pockets customized for business or creative types?


Züca Sport Tote With Tiger Theme Bag

Popular with students, skaters, ShoppingGirls, and just about everybody who needs to haul sports gear or other stuff around, Züca rolling totes are available in several models, even one customized for those who play disc golf. All-terrain models traverse surfaces such as beach sand, with designs for activities such as fishing and photography. Of course they have models for toting pets in comfort. You can quickly and easily customize to your heart’s content with their wide choice of frame colors and hand-washable, removable bag insert designs. Change the bag liner to make your rolling tote suitable for meeting clients; then change it again for crafts night with friends, and again to distinguish your tote from everybody else’s luggage at the family reunion. You can even order bag liners customized with your name from the company’s website. Accessories include useful items such as a top-fitted wire basket, wire platform carrier that affixes to the lower front of the trolley, lunchboxes, pencil cases, and other gear.


In Style Platform Mules with Moody Tiger Night Garden Theme

Okay. You’ve won the game, conquered your workout, or just enjoyed some playful fun that also counts as exercise. How about going out afterwards? For an easy and adaptable shoe solution that has pretty punch, check out these beautiful mules by Iron Fist. It’s easy to dress up your look with a trendy and comfortable pair of platform mules. These sleek, feminine shoes feature a dreamy, subliminal graphic design that verges on surrealism. Still, the overall aesthetic doesn’t roam too far from classic fashion patterns seen in accessories such as luxury silk scarves, and that makes these mules great to wear with many different looks. Featuring a fun leopard print on the inside, the outer design has a night garden theme with prowling tigers, and even a green serpent! An excellent basic design features a squared off snipped toe to show off your pedicure and remain comfortable during wear.

Iron Fist Tiger Mules, closeup of the vamp
Iron Fist Tiger Platform Mule, top view
Tiger Theme Mules by Iron Fist

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