Fiesta Shoes for Chinese New Year?
Soludos Frayed Edge Pompom Mule

Why not? The Soludos Frayed Edge Pompom Mule has crossover appeal with festive similarities found in a variety of cultural celebratory apparel traditions. A ShoppingGirl will be comfortable and look cute wandering her community’s street parties from Hispanic Fiestas to Chinese New Year, and lots more!

With Chinese Near Year 2018 coming up just after Valentine’s Day on February 16, 2018, a ShoppingGirl can also wear these adorable red flats for a relaxing Valentine’s getaway or dinner at her favorite ethnic eaterie. Colorful, comfortable flats are ideal for hanging out all afternoon at an outdoor cantina. No worries about tripping in your high heels on your way to the restroom after a few margaritas.

After the festivities are over in March, a ShoppingGirl will be ready for the Spring and Summer seasons, with comfortable, cute flats that highlight her fetching warm-weather outfits.

Stroll the beach. It’s easy to slip these shoes off and on for spontaneous dashes through sand and surf, hunting for seashells and breathing in fresh ocean breezes. Wander through the botanical gardens at the park. Window shop along the boardwalk. Meet friends for lunch, then spend the afternoon at a sidewalk arts festival. Brighten your day (and the day of those who see you in your cute shoes) when you are running errands. Or just wear them as wonderful indoor shoes around the house.

These flats are well made and true to size for a standard U.S. women’s fit. They will go great with beach wear, casual wear such as jeans and a drapy, cabled sweater, or festival boho looks.


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