Cute Bodysuit Plays Well With Others
The Beverly Bodysuit by Alix

The Beverly Bodysuit by Alix ($195 on Amazon), is notable for its on-trend style combined with incredible adaptability to multiple looks. This is a piece that looks great as-is, and will layer in any number of ways.

Every ShoppingGirl needs at least one basic bodysuit in her wardrobe as a permanent foundational fixture. She can always fall back on it when everything else is in the laundry basket, or wrinkled, or just not feeling comfortable. Choose one in a basic neutral color, like this one, for maximum usefulness in your fashion time of need.

The bodysuit features the sleek, fluid style of a ballerina’s leotard, with a trendy off-the-shoulder design in a black jersey fabric that will show off your curves with class and sass. Even better, this style won’t go out of fashion. Adjust the neckline and sleeves to suit your mood.

Adaptable to multiple looks, this bodysuit looks iconic with other hot trends. Whether a beret or fedora, spiky stilettos or flats, a scarf or a dazzling necklace, the bodysuit will adapt to casual or formal looks.

Pack this for travel, and you’ll be able to mix and match outfits throughout your trip, with no wrinkling or cleaning hassles. Bodysuits wash and drip-dry well for travel use. In a pinch, you can use a bodysuit as a swimsuit, although be sure to wash it promptly afterward, to remove chlorine or salt water from the fabric.

The Beverly Bodysuit by Alix, Back View
The Beverly Bodysuit by Alix, Outfit Idea

Another benefit of this bodysuit is its work-to-evening adaptability. Wear it under a blazer, or toss it in your bag. A quick change, switching out jewelry, and a moment to dazzle up your cosmetics and hairstyle, and you’ll be ready for the night.

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