Researchers have converted human stem cells into insulin-producing cells and demonstrated in mice infused with such cells that blood sugar levels can be controlled and diabetes functionally cured for nine months. Millman, Jeffrey R., Ph,.D. Nature Biotechnology. Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. February 24 (online).  The article discusses the difficulties in obtaining specific […]

NASA will fund a project by Nokia: NASA will fund a project by Nokia to build a 4G cellular communication network on the Moon with $14.1 million, the space agency announced. [UPI, October 15, 2020.] The project is part of a larger set of contracts for lunar research missions and development. It seems like committed […]

“AI system beats US military pilot in F-16 dogfight.” Martin, Alexander. August 22, 2020. Click here. Of interest to Shopping Girls who may not be aware that women are being well represented and featured in Aerospace research, development, and active duty careers, efforts to create military defense systems that do not require putting actual people […]

Well this month happens to be the 20th year anniversary of So we would like to go back to one of our earlier blogs about the Cottage Bake Shop. As you all know, Chris is favorite Baker. What you didn’t know is that her young daughter and nice are entrepreneurs with the goal of […]

Shopping Girls are on the front line of the Artificial Intelligence technology tsunami. If you shop, you are subjected to A.I. whether you want to be or not. The time approaches when pretty much everything that anybody does can–and likely will–be promptly associated with multiple databases and entities via A.I. technologies. The oncoming reality of […]

[Frontspiece: I don’t think that unicorns will ever go out of style. If you are worried that your home might feel a bit dreary after taking down the holiday decorations come January, give your kitchen decor a little jolt with this Unicorn Paper Towel Holder from Also convenient for impromptu jousting matches, or gently […]

[Frontspiece: Shopping Girls know that having a suitable amount of space to store everything properly matters. What good is it to own delightful things if they end up marred or, even worse, damaged beyond repair, due to being poorly stored? And what is the use of a spiral staircase in a closet, you may ask? […]

[Frontspiece: In the Olde-Timey Dayes, people used to put real, lighted candles on their Christmas trees, instead of strings of electric lights. In the Olde-Timey Dayes, people also used to have a lot of Christmas tree fires from doing that. When placing candles, remember that Burned-Down is not an attractive holiday decor scheme. Be sure […]

Kids Plush Menorah with Removable Candles.

[Frontspiece: Friendly, musical, plush stuffed Menorah plays two different Hanukkah songs! A pouch containing nine soft plush candles is included.] Winter may be chilly where you live, and the nights are longer. On the plus side, tis the season when Shopping Girls find lots of ways to decorate, celebrate, and worship, featuring perhaps the all-time […]