Vacuum My Windows?

Kärcher Window Vacuum shown with Kärcher Spray Bottle

One of the hottest new household gadgets for 2018 is the window vacuum. Sounds a little odd, and maybe unnecessary? That depends. For less time–make that, three times faster–less waste (no paper towels or laundering rags), less muss and fuss, you get superior results with more convenience.

What is a window vacuum? A cordless, handheld vacuum with a squeegie head attachment that is lightweight, long-running, and easy to operate. A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery means you don’t have the hassle and safety risk of dealing with a plug-in cord. To use the vac, you simply apply cleaning solution to the surface (using a spray bottle, mop, or whatever method you prefer), then quickly and neatly vacuum to a streak-free glossy result. Afterwards, empty and rinse the window vacuum in the sink, and it’s ready to recharge for next time.

Perhaps the most popular model is made by German company Kärcher.  Founded in 1935, the Kärcher company is a well respected, family-owned business with a global presence, including facilities in the United States. Known for cleaning systems, products, and services for industrial, trade, leisure, and home applications, the company practices social and environmental responsibility in the conduct of its business.

Accessories are available for the KärcherPole extensions enable you to wash high windows, skylights, walls and ceilings without a ladder. If you have windows with small panes, you’ll want the interchangeable compact 6-inch cleaning head. Replacement parts such as squeegie blades, as well as customer recommended spray bottles with pads and premeasured window cleaning detergent packs, are also available.

Kärcher Window Vacuum with Optional Compact 6″ Head Accessory
Kärcher Window Vacuum with Pole Extension Attachment

Window vacs aren’t limited to cleaning windows. Anything you might clean with a squeegie is a likely candidate. Mirrors, shower stalls, tiles, stainless steel appliances, kitchen cabinets, washable paint and wallpapered surfaces, automobiles, RVs, boats, garage doors, front doors, house siding…there are so many possibilities! You can select the cleaning solution, store-bought or home-made, that works best for your particular need.

Have you tried the hot new window vacuums yet, or are you thinking about getting one? Do you have any useful tips for other users for great ways to use the window vac gadget? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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