ShoppingGirls of all ages and backgrounds are heading back to school. Photo via tagg.com.au.

Back to School, Part 2….

[Frontspiece:¬†ShoppingGirls of all ages and backgrounds are heading back to school. Photo via tagg.com.au.] In our last post, we looked at some of the basic back-to-school gear that pretty much every ShoppingGirl will be getting, such as apparel and books. In today’s post, we have gathered a few online resources that you may or may […]

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Scene from Lucy Liu's hilarious performance as a motivational instructor in the iconic film "Charlie's Angels". Drew Barrymore, in drag, lurks in the background, on the left.

Back To School Gear for ShoppingGirls

[Frontspiece:¬†Scene from Lucy Liu’s hilarious performance as a motivational instructor in the iconic film “Charlie’s Angels”. Drew Barrymore, in drag, lurks in the background, on the left.]   “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Aristotle knew what he was talking about, and so do ShoppingGirls of all ages. Education is […]

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DavidAllenJewelry.com features a variety of stunning engagement ring styles with custom options.

3 … 2 … 1 … ShoppingGirls: Engage!

[Our featured image displays a variety of the beautiful engagement rings available at DavidAllenJewelry.com.]   A marriage offers a future full of wonderful promise. The establishment of a home; deciding what will define you as a couple; the foundations upon which you choose to build the destiny of your family. There are as many ways […]

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You won't need to spell it out in this great basic one piece from boohoo.com, but the slogan graphic is both trendy and cool.

In the Swim…Suits

  Summer is a great time of year for Shoppinggirls to enjoy wearing swimsuits for leisure, exercise, or just playing around in the surf.   As most Shoppinggirls have discovered, one swimsuit won’t be sufficient to meet all of your swimwear needs.   Take it from coastal Shoppinggirls who know: Even if you are just […]

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Munich, 1970: Women march in protest of fashion retailers promoting maxi length skirts. These Shoppinggirls demanded more mini skirts in the shops instead. Photo via nydailynews.com.

Minis Are Perfect Summer Skirts

Mini skirts are a fashion item that seem to have stirred up a lot of controversy and emotion (among other things) over the course of time.     Even though mini skirts are not a new style, and we live in an era where Shoppinggirls should be free to dress as they wish, reactionary opinions, […]

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The best of retro 70's style, it is an entire outfit including the top. Layer the skirt over your swimsuit. Wear the top with jeans to a concert. O-Ring Crop Top Maxi Skirt Set. Forever21.com.

Maxi Skirts for Summer Events

In ShoppingGirl’s first post on great Summer skirt options, we looked at the pretty and useful maxi-length crinkle skirt style. It’s great for a Summer ShoppingGirl who is on the go, as it can be carried in her tote easily for quick-change convenience to meet all of her Summertime activity needs.   But crinkled skirts […]

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FashionGum.com proves that a cool, comfortable Summer skirt look can be pulled together with finesse.

Summer is for the Skirt Flirt!

Shopping Girls know that skirts are flirty and great for Summer weather and activities. Contrary to the belief of some, skirts are also practical choices in many cases; hence why women throughout history have enjoyed the benefits of this apparel option.   Skirts are also incredibly flattering, as long as you pay attention to the […]

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A classic natural Summer makeup look that is easy to do. Photo via Pinterest.

Pretty Cosmetic Updates for Summer

Shopping Girls usually feel the need for a refresher when Summer approaches. Fresh hair style… Fresh sunglasses… and beachwear… But perhaps most of all, a Shopping Girl is revitalized and awakens to Summer-time life by updating her cosmetics to suit her uplifted spirit.   Julep is an online fav for their monthly Beauty Box subscriptions. […]

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Patriotic Monnalisa Girl's handbag is perfect for summer. ChildrenSalon.com.

A Wonderful Week With Your Young Shopping Girl

For many lucky young Shopping Girls, school is out–or soon to be–and a summer full of fun and possibilities awaits!   After spending the school year hauling around a huge, utilitarian book backpack, your young Shopping Girls are probably all about shifting over to cuter options for carrying their gear while on the go.   […]

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Campfire cooking can be exquisite.

A Travel Kitchen: Ideas for Gypsies

Shopping Girl gypsies often turn into lifelong foodies because their travels expose them to a wide range of delicious regional cuisines and cutting-edge creative cooking concepts. You are lucky, Shopping Girls, because it’s never been easier to eat like the Princess you are, even while living a van lifestyle.   If you have abundant funds, […]

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